This was a one-week trip back to the Yukon in January of 1999. I flew into Whitehorse and drove a rented 4WD up the Klondike Hwy to Dawson City and further north up the Dempster Hwy.

Here's Dawson City - Cars are hard to start in the winter and they have engine heaters that you plug in at night. People seem to leave them running all day, so when you drive up to a restaurant, for example, all the cars are sitting out front running.

I guess these two moose were further away than it looked.

Here's my rental stopped on the ice bridge over the Yukon River near Dawson.

There were a couple of hours of daylight around noon for hiking.

Hiking at night in -50C makes for lots of frost from exhaled breath.

Driving up the Dempster Hwy into the northern Yukon brought me to the Arctic Circle around midday and later to the welcome sign at the NorthWest Territories boundary (inset).