A few pictures from my 10,600 mile, 32 day road trip through the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, and Alaska this summer...

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Alexandra Falls on the Hay River, NWT

Bear Glacier near Stewart. BC

Richardson Mtns. on the Yukon-NWT border

Saw lots of black bears, this one's near Ft. Providence, NWT

Moose along the Toad River near the Alaska Hwy

A long ways off, but I saw these eagles by their nest along the Hay River, NWT

This is the only wolf I saw and it was very far away!

The Tanana River near Fairbanks, AK

Mountains of the Brooks Range from the North Slope in Alaska

This is me hiking near Summit Lake in Stone Mtn Park, BC

Muncho Lake along the Alaska Hwy in northern BC

Great Slave Lake, near the Dene village of Rae-Edzo, NWT

Moose along the Dalton Hwy (Alaska pipeline in background)

The sun at local midnight from Prudhoe Bay, AK

Icefield at the headwaters of the Klondike River in the Yukon

Dalton Hwy follows the Alaska pipeline north to the Arctic Ocean

Atigun Pass where the Dalton Hwy crosses the Brooks Range

The frozen shore of the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay, AK