Pinus monophylla leaf cross-section.

Pinus strobus leaf cross-section.

Corn leaf cross-section showing bundle sheaths associated with the kranz anatomy typical of C4 plants.

Pinus monophylla leaf

Pinus strobus leaf

Pinus strobus leaf

Corn leaf bundle sheath showing Kranz anatomy.

Corn leaf with the large bullifrom cells in the epidermis that may be involved with leaf rolling.

Corn leaf showing a cross link between two vascular bundles.

Privet leaf cross-section.

Cross-section of xerophytic leaf from Larrea.

Cross-section of hydrophytic leaf from Castalia.

Wide view of a hydrophytic leaf from Castalia.

Palisade tissue layers in a Castalia leaf.  Note that these would be on the upper surface of this floating leaf.

Mid-rib of a Castalia leaf - lots of phloem!

A typical vein in a Castalia leaf - note preponderance of phloem.

A tiny vein in a Castalia leaf (center of image) that appears to be all phloem.

Castalia leaf stomata and substomatal chambers.

Large sclerid in a Castalia leaf.

Hand section of a Yucca brevifolia leaf showing unifacial nature (see insets at bottom showing vascular bundle orientations.

Vascular bundles of a Yucca leaf.

Typical monocot epidermis and stomata.

Typical dicot epidermis and stomata.

Stomata in leaves of Ficus.

Guard cell pair from Populus trichocarpa leaf epidermis.
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